Just In Time for Valentine's Day!

Just finished my son's Valentine's Day Quilt just in time for Valentine's Day Tomorrow! "Whoo-Hoo" With everything going on, I am thankful to have completed it! Hubby had a cold and gave his wife a cold so I have been out of commission for bit. Although my sewing machine is doing very well and ready for the next quilt, I'm not. Gladly, I will be traveling across the pond to London England for a few weeks. However, joyfully and without delay, I will resume more quilting adventures when I return!


  1. it turned out great! nice job on your quilt! sorry to hear that you were sick. that's tough, isn't it? my kids have been sick and it really throws everything off.

    have a great trip!!!

  2. Thank you amandajean for your valued compliments ! Please know that you have been my creative inspiration! The quilts and knitting projects on your blog are some of the best work I've seen in a long time! It is truly Amazing!!! You really helped me overcome the fear of creating my own work by stippling my first quilt! I fell in love with your "Flea Market" quilt, I'm sure I'll make it again and again. Thank you also for your kind words. You are so right, feeling sick really puts a damper on things. We are all feeling better now and I'm already thinking about my next project!

    Off to London Tomorrow! Will be sure to have happy quilting thoughts!

  3. Wow!! I wish I had your energy. This is beautiful. Have a happy holiday.

  4. Thank you for your kind words! As you can see, I am so behind on my work! I had planned to make a quilt for my girlfriend's 40th birthday and she's almost 41! Promise to post the results when its finished! Hopefully soon! I've got to tap into that "energy" :-)

  5. The quilt is beautiful! I hope your trip is wonderful and safe!


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